Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 9th May 2017

A new invention designed to increase the visibility of motorcyclists is set to go on sale next year after reaching its crowdfunding target.

BrakeFree is a detachable brake light that attaches to the back of the rider’s helmet, creating a high-level light that’s closer to the sight line of bus, truck and 4×4 drivers.


The system is completely wireless and attached to the helmet using high strength neodymium magnets. The light, which contains 100 red LED lights, uses internal accelerometers to determine when the rider is slowing down and lights up accordingly. The American makers say that the onboard battery allows for up to 10 hours of use and can be recharged using a standard USB charger. The device is waterproof and weighs 170 grams. BrakeFree claims that the product has been designed to have no adverse effect on aerodynamics or crash protection of the helmet.

BrakeFree’s claim to have spent three years designing the new product. The crowd funding campaign ends this month and, hving more than doubled its target of raising $50,000, BrakeFree is scheduled to go on sale from April 2018. There’s no news as to whether or not it will be imported to the UK or not, but the suggested retail price in the United States is $149.

Visit BrakeFree’s official website for updates on the project.