Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 12th September 2014

Motorcyclists: you’re probably all too familiar with setting out on a nice ride, only to have to pull over to give your grubby visor a wipe with that damp cloth you’ve got stuffed in your jacket pocket. Well, brother and sister team, Jill and Alan Boulton, think they’ve come up with the solution to your grubby-visor woes: the Visorcat.

The duo, from Dunbar in Scotland, appeared in an episode of Dragon’s Den late last month and presented Visorcat to the row of sceptical businesspeople. Jill pitched the product as being able to ‘transform the glove into a complete visor cleaning system.’ It’s a simple clean and wipe product, allowing the rider to safely clean their visor while riding.

Although all the Dragons declared ‘I’m out,’ with over one million bikers on Britain’s roads it’s bound to be a perfect product for some.

On the website, Visorcat is described as ‘the latest in visor cleaning technology.’ The product combines cleaning fluid with a replacement sponge and twin wipers, similar to those seen on cars. A simple movement of the hand is all that’s needed to operate the Visorcat mechanism – it’s as easy as that.

Visorcat is made from TPE; a soft, flexible, rubbery material which is harmless to both the rider and the visor. The benefits, as listed on the website, include:

– Improved view of the road by tackling flies, dust, spray, road salt and even soot from motorcycle exhausts

– Removes dirt from the visor before it has a chance to dry

– Wipe clean with just one hand

– Tested and endorsed by advanced riders

– Designed and manufactured in the UK

The Visorcat contains a reservoir which holds the cleaning fluid (or water) and feeds the sponge to keep it moist. Wipe one way and the sponge will clean the visor; wipe the other way and the blades clear the residue. The mechanism is attached to the left hand with a strap; it fits all-sized hands and can be worn with both winter and summer riding gloves.

According to Motorcycle News’ review, the Visorcat did the job well when it came to cleaning dried-on salt and grime from the visor, though the sponge/blade was a little too long and interfered with the hand holding the bike’s handlebar.

Another review, this time for Overland, rated the product for its ‘weightless’ feel and the fact that it doesn’t feel bulky to wear. The main advantage of the product, according to the review, is that its ‘in the right place all the time and it works’ – you don’t have to carry anything ‘extra’ around as it’s attached to you and ready to use whenever you need it. The writer of the review said it would be a particularly useful gadget to own during the colder months when there’s lots of road salt about.

One thing both reviewers agreed on is that the Visorcat, at the moment, is overpriced at £30 (though a money-back satisfaction guarantee is currently being offered to customers). You can check the product out on the website:

Have you tried and tested this product yet? If you have, what do you think? Do you expect it to be a ‘hit’?