Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 30th October 2014

A new customisable open-face helmet comes with a dazzling array of options to suit your riding needs and create your own style.

The Metropolitan 1 (M1) from German motorcycle helmets manufacturer Schuberth is offered in a choice of seven colours. There are also different colour options for the top vent and inner lining. And that’s not all…

Buyers can choose from five visors, including the standard clear visor, 80% tint, 40% tint, silver mirrored and blue mirrored versions. There are also five different sun visors, all of which comply with the latest European standards for sunglasses.

In addition, owners can choose to use only the internal sun visor for eye protection, removing the outer visor and replacing it with a peak, giving the helmet a distinctive look.

One of six different flags can also be added to the helmet, with the manufacturer offering top quality gel stickers in the colours of the national flags of Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the USA.

The M1 has an outer shell made from a composite glass fibre matrix, while expanded polystyrene in varying degrees of hardness has been used for the inner shell of the helmet to ensure a good fit and maximum safety.

Additional safety is provided by Schuberth’s patented A.R.O.S (Anti-Roll-Off-System), which ensures that the helmet remains securely in place when you need it most. Every M1 helmet also comes with built-in speakers and two concealed microphones, which can be instantly connected up to the SRC-System intercom module, available as an optional add-on.

You can pre-order your M1 helmet from sites such as for delivery ‘Jan/Feb’ 2015.