Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 3rd September 2018

American cruiser firm Indian has announced a host of refinements and new tech for its 2019 models, including a novel system of deactivating a cylinder in order to improve rider comfort by reducing the amount of engine heat transferred to the rider in slow moving traffic.


The upgrades to the Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster models include three selectable riding models which can be changed on the go. As well as the standard setting, riders will be able to choose between ‘Sport’ and ‘Tour’ modes, with the throttle maps adjusted to meet the rider’s personal tastes. Tour mode gives a much softer throttle response for relaxed riding, while Sport should prove more lively with what Indian describe as ‘head snapping acceleration’. Yikes!


Models fitted with the ‘Thunder Stroke’ 111 engine come with what Indian describe as ‘Rear Cylinder Deactivation’. This system cuts out the back cylinder on the big V-Twin to minimize the amount of heat transfer to the rider while filtering through traffic. The system kicks in when the ambient temperature exceeds 15°C and the engine is at operating temperature. Indian says that the cylinder comes back in instantly when the throttle is reapplied, so it will be interesting to see how it operates in reality.


indian horse


Also aimed at improving rider comfort, Indian has redesigned the lower fairing on the range-topping Roadmaster tourer. The new bodywork has an adjustable vent that can be opened up for maximum airflow, or fully closed to provide more weather protection. The new fairing and highway bars can also be retrofitted as an accessory to older Roadmasters,


Indian also say that the audio system on 2019 models has been improved, with better speakers and an equalizer which adjusts the audio frequency to compensate for wind, road and engine noise.


The entry-level Scout range has also received a small upgrade with the addition of a USB charging port, which is mounted next to the speedometer. This too is available as a retro-fit accessory to older models.


Indian has also updated the colour options for the 2019 models, which should start hitting showrooms next month. Visit for further information.