Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 11th September 2019

Female motorbike riders are still in the minority, but this is changing year on year, as more women riders are taking to the roads than ever before. Of course female riders can ride any type of motorcycle, as they’re not gender specific. But some bikes can be more suitable than others, in terms of comfort and control.

For example, height and weight is always important to consider when choosing a motorbike, as higher models will be more difficult to control for shorter riders. You always want both your feet to be able to sit flat on the ground when you’re sat on the bike. Therefore lower saddle options, which are also lighter, may be a smarter and safer choice.

If you’re new to biking or are looking for some guidance, we wanted to go through some of our favourite motorbike picks for female bikers.

Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2

Despite being one of the most popular bikes for beginners, the Honda Shadow is also perfectly suited to any rider, regardless of how much experience they have. This relatively lightweight, comfortable cruiser has a low seat height of 25.8 inches, making it accessible and easy to handle. It’s a perfect bike for any laid-back riders, and has been hugely popular amongst women riders for years.

Triumph Street Triple 675

This sleek cafe racer-style motorbike is a perfect compromise between a fast racer, and a more classic look in terms of the styling. Whether you’re commuting or frequently going on long-haul rides, this bike can suit you. Plus, it’s lower scooped-out seat is great for any shorter riders, who are looking for more control.

Yamaha R6

This fast racer-style motorbike has certainly made a name for itself on the track, but it’s also perfect for the roads too. The 599cc, 133 bhp machine is powerful, yet effortlessly light and manoeuvrable. Not to mention a breeze when it comes to changing gear, steering and stability.

Kawasaki Z800

For any riders who have more experience on the roads, and are looking for more of a challenge, the Z800 could be ideal for you. An 806cc engine with 111bhp means this bike packs in more power, but still handles superbly. It is heavier and sits a bit higher than the other bikes on this list, but it’s still known for its surprisingly light feel.

Honda NC700S

Another Honda that offers great stability, style and of course comfort. This model is quite light, with a low centre of gravity, which makes it ideal for nipping around town. But it’s also just as reliable for taking out on longer journeys. It certainly looks impressive, with its sharp and seamless styling, and it’s also incredibly easy-to-handle.

Victory Gunner

This model is all about the engine, its stripped back styling and metallic paint scheme draws the eye straight to the blacked-out dual exhaust. It looks like a cruiser with a sportier edge, and manages to deliver a good balance of power and performance. The seat height is only 25 inches, making it ideal for those looking for something that handles easily. Plus, it doesn’t weigh nearly as much as other chopper-like motorbikes.

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