Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th April 2012

Police in Stockport are urging motorcycle owners to secure their vehicles after a series of thefts in and around the town.

Greater Manchester Police has reported that since the start of April, ten motorcycles have been stolen from various areas of the town, including Bredbury, Brinnington, Cheadle Heath, Edgeley and Offerton.

It is believed that the motorcycles are being specifically targeted by organised criminals and police are urging owners to keep their bikes around the back of their property, or in a garage, adding that all bikes should be secured to an immovable item using high security products.

Superintendent Peter Matthews said: “Most bikes are stolen by joy riders who are looking for a quick thrill, but more recently we have seen some of the more expensive parts being sold on and other bits taken to scrap metal dealers.

“A full investigation has been launched to catch those responsible but we need motorbike owners to ensure that their bike is as secure as possible to deter thieves.

“I’d also advise motorcyclists to keep a record of the engine and chassis numbers and any modifications or stickers fitted to the motorcycle to help police distinguish it in the event that it is stolen and recovered.”

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