Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 17th June 2016

Carole Nash gave a ride to work to a very special lady this week – the birthday girl HRH The Queen*!

We decided to celebrate Ride to Work Week – and The Queen’s 90th birthday – by not only giving Elizabeth II* a lift to Buckingham Palace, but also extending the courtesy to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge*.

(*OK, they might have been royal looklikes, but it’s the thought that counts…)

duke and duchess

We made the gesture in order to celebrate Ride to Work Week (20th -26th June) which aims to educate riders on the advantages of biking in. Not only does riding in save time, is cost effective, and allows commuters easier parking options – it’s also fun!

As such, Carole Nash is joining in the fun by providing free commuting cover to all its road bike policyholders over the course of Ride to Work Week – allowing riders to choose two wheels over four for the duration of the scheme!

According to research, Britain’s average commuter spends approximately 1,708 hours over their lifetime going to work. In addition to that, public transport can prove to be a large outgoing.

So it was heartening to hear ‘The Duke of Cambridge’ give Ride to Work Week his royal stamp of approval, calling it a “fantastic idea”. He said: “I myself, am a huge motorcycle fan and know that it’s more fun than any other form of transport.”

duke and duchess bike

Our Head of Marketing Rebecca Donohue added: “We wanted to give something back to the biking community by offering a weeks’ free commuter insurance. We hope that people take full advantage of our free insurance and put the fun back into their daily commute.

”We’ve left the final word on commuting to work to the birthday girl herself. ‘The Queen’ said: “I’ve got my pick of vehicles to take me to Buckingham Palace, but there is nothing more exciting and trusting than getting on-board a Carole Nash insured bike.“

Happy birthday, ma’am!

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A special thanks to DPC Distribution for supplying the Royal Family with biking gear.