Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 27th January 2014

Racing on the Leicestershire Mallory Park circuit will restart in March under new ownership, after the previous operators of the track entered administration in 2013 due to violations of noise standards. Mallory Park Circuit

The new owner of the Mallory Park circuit is Real Motorsport Ltd, a company established by former bike riders Eddie Roberts and Stuart Hickins. The opening will be celebrated with an event scheduled for 1 March, which is expected to be attended by numerous racing teams and renowned names from the motorsport world.

The motorsport community has welcomed the news of the reopening, as the circuit is among the best race tracks in the United Kingdom for spectator viewing. The new owners hope that a good relationship could be built again between the circuit and the nearby village Kirkby Mallory, as many of the noise complaints came from this area.

The circuit was closed in September 2013 following its failure to comply with noise limits that were set in 1985. Real Motorsport Ltd is now investigating the circuit with sound engineers to determine where the noise levels that escape to Kirkby Mallory could be improved, Eddie Roberts told Evo.

The events that will take place at Mallory Park will be more user-friendly to residents of the village, as there will not be races with noisy vehicles in the evenings, he said. The company will stick to the traditional race day schedules and will also include more athletic events such as cycling and triathlons, Roberts added.