Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th December 2018

The conclusion to Brexit is fast approaching, and we Brits remain confused about what this really means for us, and the possible impact on how we travel to and from the EU. In fact, according to research from Eurotunnel, more than a third of us aren’t sure if we will be able to ride or drive in the EU on our UK driving licence post-Brexit.


While a lot will continue to remain unknown until an agreement is reached, in an exclusive video for InsideBikes, we wanted to provide answers to some of your most burning questions about post-Brexit motorcycle travel to the EU.


Will motorcyclists still be able to travel through the Eurotunnel after March 29th 2019 on their existing UK driving licence? And will the rules for motorcycles travelling through Eurotunnel be different to cars post-Brexit? Jae Hopkins from Eurotunnel, Edmund King from the AA and travel expert Simon Calder answer these questions, and more:



Find out more about how Brexit might impact your travels to the EU on your motorbike.