Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 9th September 2016

At Rio 2016, Usain Bolt was topping 27mph as he strode to immortality and a third Olympic 100m title. Little more than two weeks later, and 27mph probably seems a lot more intense on two wheels.

The nine-time Olympic gold medallist left Brazil a true sporting superstar, but when it came to getting his motorbike licence, he soon discovered he was just another learner.

Bolt’s Need for Speed

Bolt, 30, has been pictured in London taking riding lessons, with L-plates on his Honda NC750 and a high-vis jacket, weaving in and out of cones in an empty car park. At 27mph, those little red cones can come towards you pretty fast when you’re learning.

After years of having to worry about the impact even the slightest bump or scrape could have on his bid for sprint domination, not to mention what his sponsors would have to say if he crashed a motorbike the way he crashed his BMW M3 not long before London 2012, the Jamaican seems to have decided that achieving legendary status now entitles him to let his hair down and enjoy the good things in life.

For Bolt, riding a motorbike is clearly one of the ways he plans to itch his need for speed – once he can get out of the test centre and open up the throttle that is.

Feel Inspired

In a sport that has repeatedly had its reputation dragged through the dirt, Bolt has stood out. He’s credited with sustaining athletics and even helping it to flourish, rather than letting allegations and scandals engulf it.

It’s made him one of the modern era’s most truly inspirational figures to people all around the world, so you’ll forgive us a little if we allow ourselves to hope that his latest foray into motorcycles will inspire some new riders to follow him.

Passing the Test

Having waited for so long to take his bike test, Usain actually has a fairly straightforward process to go through. As a person over the age of 24, going from complete beginner to getting a full motorcycle licence involves just three steps:

  • Complete CBT
  • Pass a theory test
  • Pass a two-part practical test on a bike of over 595cc/40kW

It’s never too late to take up motorcycling, so if you know anyone who thinks their opportunity has passed, show them Usain Bolt getting on his bike as some inspiration.

The only question remaining is: “What bike is suitable for the world’s fastest man, a man of wealth, fame and with a taste for showmanship?”

Put your answers in the comments!