Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 25th April 2014

Increasing fuel costs are of huge concern to British motorists. People are worried that soon they will not be able to afford to drive, according to a survey among 400 road users conducted by British Car Auctions.


Rising fuel costs are the most pressuring matter for motorists, says Tim Naylor, editor of British Car Auctions’ report. Even though recent data showed a slight decline in fuel costs, it remains an issue that people are very worried about, with over 70% of the surveyed motorists citing the price of fuel as their chief concern. In the past three years fuel prices have risen by almost 22%.


Recently Chancellor George Osborne announced in the Budget that the fuel duty freeze would remain in place and, as a result, the current fuel price is around £0.02 per litre cheaper compared to the beginning of 2013. However, this decline in prices is not enough for people to feel that that they are paying less.


Despite slight changes in prices at the pumps, the fact remains that fuel costs in the UK are still high. Moreover, motorists still remember when they paid less then a £1 per litre, Naylor commented. With almost 75% of respondents in the survey admitting that they use a vehicle every day, it is not surprising that fuel costs are the most important matter for motorists. And while there is a fuel duty freeze now, this will not stand forever and fuel costs are expected to continue to increase in the near future, Naylor concluded.


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