Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 22nd June 2017

The first part of our trip to France was supposed to be straightforward and uneventful but somehow I had managed to lose the seat cover from the back of my pink R1. This was causing interference in my communication system and it was driving me crazy! We had to pull over, disconnect a few things and make a hasty repair. I think the passers by were wondering what was happening – it’s not every day you see two guys dressed in pink on pink sports bikes at the side of the road. I’m surprised we didn’t cause an accident!

Luckily we still made it into France with time to get to our first destination: A Champagne House. As you can imagine we were looking forward to getting there as soon as we could. The plan was to have a tour of the place followed by a meal accompanied by their best Champagne’s. As usual we were a little late arriving but the evening didn’t disappoint. The owner of the house was a real character and she really took to a shine to Matt!

The next morning we got back in our leathers and prepared for a nice ride through France to a Chateau. We were ready to enjoy a fun ride through the countryside ahead of a pleasant evening at the Chateau, where we would be having dinner with it’s owners: The Count and Countess. The only thing we had to do was arrive on time.

Somehow we managed to get a little lost in France whilst having a nice lunch and a load of fun on the bikes. When we did finally arrive at the Chateau the Count was a little bit annoyed. Fortunately the sight of us walking into his impressive drawing room in our pink leathers brought a smile to his face. The food and conversation that evening was well worth the ride, although I did get a small lesson in etiquette from the count prior to eating when he removed my hat before we started dinner!