Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th April 2014

With gridlock on the roads of our capital caused by another London Tube strike, there could not be a better time to dust off your scooter and skim through the traffic.


The initial advantages of taking to the streets in a small CC scooter are obvious – traffic avoidance, easy manoeuvrability and easy parking – but there are other advantages that aren’t so clear. Petrol mileage is usually extremely high, for example. If your commute is only a handful of miles you could expect to fill your tank up at the beginning of the week for less than a tenner and not pay again until the next week…or longer. If you are ecologically-minded then you can relax knowing that your carbon footprint is a lot lower than your car-driving brethren. Also, the handlebars on a smaller scooter are no wider than a pushbike so you can easily filter through traffic with a bit of care.


There is a word of warning though. With the tube strike in full swing there will be drivers and other road users that are both unused to using the capital’s roads and, most likely, in a bit of a hurry. Be vigilant! Random stop/start traffic, car/van doors opening, lane hopping and pedestrians zipping between the stationary vehicles could all pose a significant threat to your limbs. Finally, remember bike security. When you have arrived take a decent chain and padlock and find a post to secure your scooter to. Make sure it’s a tall post or a couple of burly ne’er-do-wells could simply lift your little bike over the top – chain and all.


If you take your time and watch out for hazards you’ll get to work feeling refreshed and slightly smug that you have avoided the delays. The scooter really is today’s transportation of choice.