Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 2nd June 2015

Making up a very large proportion of the only bikes that those aged 16 or 17 are legally able to ride, scooters and mopeds are proving to be a common mode of transport favoured by younger riders.

While a scooter or a moped is an ideal starter bike for young riders – relatively low-cost and easy to ride in the grand scheme of the motorbike world – their small size can unfortunately put those aged from 18 all the way up to road-weary veterans from making the most of what a scooter or moped can offer.

Although they’re not exactly made for long rides or hauling a lot of gear, scooters and mopeds come in to their own in a city centre – particularly when commuting.

Those who travel to work on roads that are too dangerous to cycle on could benefit greatly from a scooter commute. So could car owners struggling to make it through the traffic and unable to find a car parking space. And, of course, so could anyone who’s just sick of the morning and evening crush on the bus, tram or tube

A moped or scooter could also be a welcome addition for a dedicated biker – you should know that not every bike is built for the same purpose, so why confine your roadster or sport to crammed rush hour streets? Save it for the weekend, prolong its life a little, and pick up a scooter for the daily grind.

Choosing a moped doesn’t mean you’re limited to a 50cc bike, either – there are endless options available from 125cc all the way up to 600cc and above, in styles that will turn more heads than you might expect. Take a look at the Yamaha TMAX or the Vespa 946 for some serious top of the line scooters – try and tell us you wouldn’t love to cruise to the office on either of those – or the Honda 2H125I for something slightly more affordable and functional, but nonetheless a solid ride.

The price of scooter insurance for 18-year-olds or over may be lower than you expect as well – the costs for mature rider with good track records could potentially be far lower than for a new rider, and if you own another bike as well as a scooter then a multi-bike policy could also help you save. Of course, if you have any questions about scooter or moped insurance for 18-year-olds and up, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

The scooter and moped market has changed a lot, even in the last decade. If you have considered one in the past but rejected the idea then a scooter or moped is surely worth another look. Commute in comfort, convenience and style for a price that’s easy to deal with – what could be better?