Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 3rd April 2014

South Yorkshire Police have launched a campaign in a bid to slash the number of fatal accidents involving motorbike and scooter riders on the county’s roads.

The initiative has been backed by non-profit organisation South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, a group dedicated to reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads of South Yorkshire.

The campaign will run from 1 April until 13 April. Police officers will keep an eye on both riders of scooters and motorcycles under 125cc, as well as on high powered motorcycles. Officers will stop riders for vehicle checks, give advice on suitable protective clothing and explain the benefits of additional rider training. As well as this, police officers will hand out Think Bike high visibility vests to motorcyclists.

Back in 2012, four bikers were involved in fatal accidents, while 90 sustained serious injuries on roads across the county. Over the next two weeks, the non-profit organisation will collaborate with South Yorkshire’s police force to improve the safety of motorcyclists.

With the motorcycling season just around the corner, the force is looking to promote the importance of road safety to motorcyclists and to remind them that their skill level might not be as high as they may think, especially after the winter break, says Sergeant Graham Sayner.

The South Yorkshire Police urge bikers to take additional training to enhance their planning and observation skills, which will ensure a smoother ride and increase the road safety level, Sayner concluded.