Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 17th May 2018

BMW recently introduced the HP4 Race, a track only version of its mighty S1000RR, costing £68,000 and limited to a run of just 750. With its carbon fibre frame, stunningly crafted swingarm and a 215bhp motor hand build in BMW Motorrad’s Berlin race shop, the HP4 Race promises to be 2018’s ultimate track day motorcycle.


But if rocking up at Silverstone on a fancy S1000RR’s just a bit too common for you, we might just have the bike for you – the T12 Massimo.




The T12 is the legacy of Massimo Tamburini, the legendary designer of Ducati 916 fame, who passed away in 2014. The project to bring his dream bike to life is now being brought to life by a team headed by the late designer’s son, Andrea.


Like the HP4 Race, the T12 Massimo is built around a tuned BMW S1000RR motor – this one being a full world superbike spec unit and claiming over 230bhp – and is dripping in Formula One specification carbon fibre.


Tamburini chose a steel trellis frame for his parting gift, giving a dry weight of 154.5kg, positively tubby compared to the 146kg BMW but, like the German bike it is equipped with the best componentry in the bike business, such as MotoGP spec Ohlins suspension, MoTeC electronics and Brembo brakes. Like the HP4 Race, it’s a track only bike, with Tamburini declaring this to be his ultimate project and untethered by the need to meet emissions regulations, budgets and all the other limitations that come with designing a mass production vehicle.




For sheer emotion, the Massimo knocks the HP4 Race into a cocked hat. It wins hands down on rarity too, with just 12 due to be built.


And if you find yourself asking ‘I wonder how much that costs?’ then the chances are you can’t afford it. The company announced that they were putting the T12 Massimo into production at a posh car show held recently in Monte Carlo, and they are looking for $1,000,000 for each one. Don’t expect to see one on your local track day any time soon!