Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 24th January 2014

There are many great biking books out there, whether you’re looking to brush up on your skills, gain some insight into the history of motorcycling, or maybe get some inspiration from fellow motorcyclists’ adventures. Here’s our pick of what we believe to be the top ten essential books for bikers.

Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well – David L. Hough

Hough is a well-known journalist and bike enthusiast, whose first-hand experience on the roads lead him to create this detailed guide on how to safely ride a motorbike. The book is an anthology of different articles, where Hough recalls his personal experiences and explains the technical side to riding. This book is a great resource for motorcyclists of any experience, and though highly-skilled bikers may find the book repeating things they already know, it’s good to be reminded nonetheless. To see how safe riding can improve your premiums why not give us a call, or have a look at the list of benefits our insurance provides by following the above link.

Motorcycle Basics Techbook – Matthew Coombs

This is by far the best go-to reference book for anything motorbike-related. Each and every sbooks for bikersingle element of your vehicle is explained in this nifty handbook, making it perfect for people wanting to learn a little more about bikes.

Ghost Rider: Travelling on the Healing Road – Neil Peart

This is the heartfelt, inspirational diary of Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist of Canadian rock band Rush, as he embarks on a 55,000 mile motorcycle journey after losing both his wife and daughter in the space of ten months. Peart recalls his highs and lows as he journeys through Canada, the US and Mexico; he writes about the towns he visits and the people he meets along the way as he attempts to come to terms with his loss. This is a tale of one man’s quest for healing and acceptance, and the added light humour makes for an overall great read.

The Art of the Motorcycle – Thomas Krens and Matthew Drutt

This book explores the history of motorcycling in all its glory, from the very first Daimler Einspur motorbike sold in 1885 to the modern-day concept bikes. Each of the 100 bikes featured are visited in great detail and include the most iconic models from film, lifestyle, fashion and history.

Bikers’ Britain: Great Motorbike Rides – Simon Weir

If you’re stuck on where to go next on a motorcycling adventure, this book compiles the best motorcycling routes in Britain, all tried and tested by RiDE magazine. Each route is reviewed in detail and is categorised by what kind of ride it is, be it coastal, scenic, or one with plenty of sweeping curves.

That Near Death Thing: Inside the Most Dangerous Race in the World – Rick Broadbent

Of all the TT books out there, we think this one grabs the top spot. In That Near Death Thing, Times journalist and author Rick Broadbent gets inside the helmets of four of the top TT competitors and uncovers what it is that drives them to compete in one of the world’s deadliest races. The book follows Guy Martin, Conor Cummins, John McGuinness and Michael Dunlop through each of their highs and lows. This is an inspiring, behind-the-scenes book that captures the true spirit of what it means to be a motorbike racer.

How To Restore Your Motorcycle – Mark Zimmerman

This is a great manual for anyone planning to restore a motorbike. The book guides the reader through each process, from the initial stripping down through to the finishing touches and is better suited to someone with a good understanding of bike mechanics.

Adventure Motorcycling Manual: Everything You Need to Plan and Complete the Journey of a Lifetime – Robert Wicks

We recommend this book to anyone wanting to make their dreams of a big motorbike adventure a reality, as it covers all areas of the planning process, including parts that are often overlooked. The book details everything from advice on choosing the right bike and equipment, to the technicalities of long-journeys and what to do in case of emergency.

To Dakar and Back – Lawrence Hacking and Wil De Clercq

Read about the adventures of Hacking and Clercq as they compete in the most infamous off-road motorsport event: The Paris to Dakar Rally. This book is a great read and documents each leg of their journey in detail as they endure blood, sweat and tears in their trip from France’s capital all the way to North West Africa.

Total Control: High-Performance Street Riding Techniques – Lee Parks

High-performance bikes require highly-skilled riders, and this book is great for those wanting to improve their techniques. Parks delves into the depths of high-performance street riding with each and every element of the riding experience covered, from braking and throttle control to the art of mastering corners.