Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 21st March 2019

We are now well into 2019, and no doubt this year will see it’s fair share of exciting, innovative and interesting new motorbikes ride onto the scenes. Last year though, certainly wasn’t short of wacky and wild new motor bike models, crazy concepts and unexpected custom rides.


So, we wanted to take a look at some of the wildest motorbikes that really impressed us in 2018…


Shaw Harley-Davidson Gobstopper

The unmistakable Gobstopper is a completely one-off motorcycle creation that came about thanks to Shaw Harley-Davidson collaborating with contemporary artist, Grayson Perry.


It was based on a 2007 Softail Nightrain, which had been stripped back and fitted with a newly built aftermarket fuel tank. The rear fender, spine and seat pan were hand-made, and a modified single sided swingarm was added.


It’s distinctive colours and paintwork make the motorbike completely unique looking, and the bike was actually entered into the 2018 AMD World Championships of Custom Bike Building at Intermot.


Arch Method 143

Who would’ve thought that a Hollywood actor would build and design his own custom bikes? Well that’s exactly what Keanu Reeves does when he’s not starring in his latest films. The actor brought his Arch motorbike brand to the UK, first with the KRGT-1 and the Arch Method 143 is planned to be the second

The method of creating these custom bikes is quite interesting, with each component giving them a completely unique look. Powered by an impressive 2343cc V-Twin engine, the 143 cruiser stuns with its carbon fiber mono-cell chassis.


Zapp i300 Scooter

This quirky little electric scooter was designed solely for commuters. At 90kg, the lightweight scooter features easily removable batteries for added convenience when charging.


It manages to go from 0 to 30mph in 2.4 seconds, and sports a very futuristic looking, minimalist design aesthetic. The scooter aims to be a new clean alternative mode of transport, with high performance stats, that can help to combat the increasingly low air quality in cities.

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Arc Vector

It’s been referred to as the world’s most premium electric bike, at least according to the bike’s maker, British electric motorbike firm, Arc. The sleek and stylish e-bike will be able to pump out 133bhp from its 399-volt motor, and is projected to come in at a price of £90,000.


The custom made ride will also comes with some interesting technology additions, including a helmet with a HUD display and a smart jacket, which can warn the rider of impending danger.


Allen Millyard Honda RC174 Replica

Engineer and custom bike creator Allen Millyard was determined to have a Honda RC174, the same model that racer Mike Hailwood used in the 1967 350cc world championship. Not letting the price of  £500,000 get in his way, Millyard decided to build his own replica version of the classic motorbike instead.


Drawing on his extensive experience, and using a combination of adapted parts and custom-built components, he was able to build a perfect replica of the motorcycle. It’s an impressive result of expert engineering, and probably as close to the real thing as you can get without having to spend a fortune.  


Peugeot PX2 Café Racer Concept

Last year at the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot unveiled their brand new concept geared motorbike, which came in two different formats.


A 125cc and 300cc version of the new PX2 was revealed, with both sporting front and rear ABS and a 5” full-colour TFT dash complete with i-Connect Bluetooth for smartphone pairing and GPS.