Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 28th February 2014

If you’re a regular rider, you’ll no doubt understand the importance of using a decent communication system while on the road. Such systems allow you to do things that weren’t even possible a few years ago, and now it’s not just about being able to talk with your pillion.

As a general rule – you get what you pay for, and many riders soon regret purchasing low-end systems. There are many advantages to spending a little more on devices with decent specs; here are a few of our favourites.

Cardo Scala Rider G9 (£240-£290 for solo headset)

This expensive bit of kit is one of the most popular rider to rider units currently on the market. The One+8 feature allows you to connect with eight different riders, and you can make conference calls with up to four riders at the same time.

The G9 features voice command controls – just say the name of the rider you want to talk to and you’ll be instantly connected. The G9 can be synced with MP3, GPS and Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, and the built-in FM radio will be sure to keep you entertained on those long rides.

Interphone F3 Passenger (£210-£250 for twin pack)

The Interphone F3 Passenger is a reasonably priced wireless rider to pillion intercom unit. Each headset is integrated with Bluetooth hands free, as well as voice call, answer and refuse options. The devices can be easily mounted onto the side of the helmet, and the hi-fi speakers feature speed-noise compensation.

SENA SMH10/R (£150-£200 for solo headset)

The SENA SMH10 is an all-round quality intercom system that can be used for rider to rider and rider to pillion communication. The system boasts endless features, such as audio booster, voice prompt, playback control and conference intercom options. What’s more, the units can be used whilst being charged on the road. Users rate the SMH10 for its excellent sound quality and usability, which can be attributed to its large jog dial, making it very easy to use when the rider is wearing gloves.

The device also features a music sharing option, which allows riders to share music during a two-way intercom conversation. The device is also fitted with an intelligent noise gate within the intercom and wind noise suppression, which substantially limits background noise while riding on the road.

If you want your communication to be somewhat a little more discrete, the SMH10R is a more lightweight, compact version that packs all of the punch as its big brother. Even though a little costly in price, these are two of the very best communication systems on the market, and both models come with a two-year warranty.

Autocom Air Bluetooth Intercom (£190-£210 for solo device)

Or perhaps you want your communication system to be even more discrete? If this is the case, Autocom’s Air Bluetooth Intercom could be the perfect device for you. The Air is installed on the inside of the helmet, meaning that nothing is fitted onto the external shell. This also has the benefit of limiting external noise from wind or traffic. The Air can connect to smartphones and GPS, and can be used for rider to rider and rider to pillion communication.