Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 3rd October 2016

As of September 2020, all motorcycles registered before 2007 will be subject to a congestion charge in the nation’s capital. This means that for riders commuting to work or nipping through the city centre, a fee of £12.50 could be charged – a figure that adds up to over £62 a week for those riding from Monday through to Friday.


Obviously, there is an easy way to avoid this happening, and owning a motorbike that was first registered after 2007 is perhaps the most obvious. Sure, this isn’t the news that classic riders may want to hear – as they will certainly fall foul of the new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) – but forthose looking to invest their money in a bike that won’t be affected, there are a few bikes that are well worth considering. . .

A reimagined favourite

Unlike Honda’s CB500s of old, the new roadster versions offer a sleek and naked alternative forLondoners who require something that’s just as capable performing on the motorway, as it is in the city. First produced in 2013, the CB500F is lightweight, cheap and surprisingly powerful. What’s more, it handles with ease – a factor that’s really important when filtering through city centre traffic or manoeuvring through any of London‘s many side streets.

Step-through and ride

At just under £9,000, the Suzuki Burgman 650 isn’t the cheapest of options, but given its powerful 650cc engine, step-through design and light handling, it’s the perfect option for commuters who spend a lot of time travelling throughout the city each and every day. The bike boasts ample storage space for helmets, briefcases and tech, while its efficient engine makes it a cheaper bike to run than standard 650 machines – even when travelling at high speeds.

Chic on the streets

At the other end of the spectrum, a brand new Milano 125 by Chinese company Lexmoto can be picked up for just over £1,000. Combining all the panache and style associated with yesteryear’s Vespa, the Milano provides a fashionable option for urbanites looking to keep up appearances while they’re out on the road. What’s more, they’re a sensible option for riders aged over 17 with a CBT, as they can be ridden without having to do a full license.

The new classic

For riders that refuse to ditch their open face helmets, leather jackets and goggles, the new line up Royal Enfield motorcycles offer a great solution for classic fans who, as of 2020, will face a congestion charge when riding through London. What’s great about the current Enfield line-up is the efficiency of almost every model. From the coveted Bullet through to the Classic 500, the single cylinder engine that’s used throughout the range is capable of covering 85mpg – which will certainly help to keep any unwanted charges at bay.

Keeping it simple

For years now, Honda has been producing the CBF 125 by the truckload, and demand is high throughout the world. Why? The answer is simple – for just over £2,000, the CBF provides you with a bike that A: doesn’t require a full license to ride and B: won’t cost the earth when it comes to tax, insurance and servicing bills. It’s as simple as that. What’s more, given that the CBF is seen by many insurers as a cheap commuter, it won’t cost the earth when it comes to buying cover.


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