Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th April 2016

Despite being small in stature, pit bikes are rapidly becoming a firm favourite among riders seeking big, big thrills. While they may look like nothing more than a downsize dirt bike, today pit bikes offer riders a fun alternative to the norm, and their popularity is increasing by the day. So if you’re keen to avoid missing out, you may want to consider buying one of these beauties.

It’s worth remembering that defining exactly what a pit bike is can be pretty tough. However, we’ve dived in and given it our best shot anyway!

Five – Yamaha TT-R125LE

Sporting an electric start and a body almost identical to that of its older brother, the YZ 250, Yamaha’s TT-R125LE is more than deserving of its place in our top five. Whether you’re a big kid or an adult, the TT-R125LE is accessible, fun and easy to ride – which is just what you want when looking for your first pit bike!

Four – KTM 125 EXC Six Days

After riding the KTM EXC Six Days, it isn’t unusual for riders to experience a smile that runs from ear to ear. Enhanced by special performance upgrades and top-of-the-line components, the Six Days isn’t the cheapest machine in our line-up, but when you consider exactly what you’re getting for your money, it’s an option that’s definitely worth exploring.

Three – Kawasaki KLX 140

Stepping things up a notch, the Kawasaki KLX 140 is a relatively new face on the pit biking circuit. What’s great about this particular bike is just how accessible it is for new riders – while its 144cc engine means there’s still plenty of throttle to have a go at for experienced riders too.

Two – Husqvarna TC 125

As the best-looking bike on the list, the Husqvarna TC 125 comes in at number two. Spec-wise, the TC 125 delivers exactly what you’d expect from one of the world’s finest purveyors of all things off-road – and that’s plenty of power, heaps of handling, and a fantastic amount of fun.

One – Honda CRF 125F

What do you get when you combine an auto-clutch gearbox, electric start and a top speed of over 50mph? Number one our list, that’s what. For years now, Honda’s CRF has designed the mould in which other pit bike manufacturers have been forced to follow. Compact, fun and affordable, there’s no doubt that if you’re in the market for a pit bike, you’ve just found it.

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