Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th March 2017

Every month we’ll be coming up with a new place to go on a road trip in the UK. March is the beginning of spring, and that makes it an ideal time to get out into the countryside. The Cheddar Gorge in Somerset is a beautiful location to visit, with majestic limestone cliffs and rolling hills. It’s an appealing trip for anyone who likes nature, geology or history, as there are plenty of attractions to discover.

Cheddar Caves

The Gorge has two main caves that are open to the public. The larger one is called Gough’s Cave and the smaller is Cox Cave, named after the people who discovered them. Gough’s Cave features one of the most beautiful collection of stalactites in the world. The geology of both caves is impressive and they are home to colonies of Greater and lesser horseshoe bats.

Cheddar Man, Britain’s oldest skeleton, was discovered in Gough’s Cave, making it a hotbed for prehistoric discoveries.

Museum of Prehistory

The Museum of Prehistory contains a number of intriguing exhibits that tell the history of the area. They range from hands-on cave art, to a replica of Cheddar Man. The skull of the skeleton is known for having a deep lesion in it, suggesting Cheddar Man died a violent death.

Lookout Tower

For anyone who’s looking to burn off some energy, you’ll certainly do that by climbing the 274 steps of the Lookout Tower. Get to the top and you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views. You’ll be able to see the steep valley of the Gorge cutting through the Mendip Hills. To the north, you’ll see the windswept hills that are 900 feet above sea-level. Turn to the south to find the lush meadows of the Somerset Levels.

South West Outdoor Festival 2017

The South West Outdoor Festival will take place on the 8th-10th September and is built around endurance. You’ll be able to create your own adventure through running, hiking, or biking. The Gorge’s rugged environment is perfect for anyone who wants to challenge themselves. In addition, there will be athletes from the Cotswold Outdoor Knowledge Centre running sessions on how to make the most of outdoor equipment.

Wildlife Spotting

Nature enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy because of the abundance of wildlife in the area. There are feral goats, dormice, horseshoe bats, buzzards, kestrel and jackdaws. One of the most interesting animals to watch out for is the Peregrine falcon, known as the fastest bird in the world.


Travelling to Cheddar Gorge is a worthwhile experience because of the range of activities. Whether you want to ride through the valley, or stop off at the museum, there is something for everyone. Depending on what bike you’re riding it can be useful to get an insurance quote that suits you. We have policies for all kind of roadsters, from cruisers, to touring.