Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 4th November 2016

We know how devastating it can be to have your bike stolen, so we’ve conducted some in-depth research and analysed thousands of motorbike theft claims* to find out which bikes are most at risk.

Our research found that bikers in the South East of England are at the highest risk of motorcycletheft, with the top three main hot spots for motorcycle theft revealed as Greater London, Brighton and Southampton.
There are on average 26,000 bikes stolen in the UK every year which costs the industry a massive £105 million**. So to help to deter thieves, we provide all customers with DNA+, a sophisticated forensic protection system that can be applied anywhere on your bike leaving a completely invisible unique mark. The police have the tools to be able to identify your bike if it is found and return it to you.

What deters thieves?

To find out more about what deters thieves and what creates an easy target, we spoke to Kay***, a reformed bike thief.
“I think there’s been a rise in bike theft because people aren’t locking up their bikes properly. They’re leaving it so it’s not chained to something sturdy and there’s no visible deterrent for thieves.
“If a bike looked secure, we wouldn’t bother with it and move onto another victim. If there’s something visible that is saying the bike is under protection, then we wouldn’t bother with that either.”
Charles from London, one of our customers, has unfortunately been a victim of motorcycle theft. He spoke to us about his experience:
“I was annoyed and surprised when the theft of my motorcycle occurred. It was in broad daylight in a busy area with plenty of onlookers around. I’d advise owners to invest in a good quality bike chain and make sure their motorcycle is chained to something sturdy.
“Carole Nash’s DNA+ product is something I’ll definitely consider using in future. If it helps to deter thieves from stealing more bikes, that’s great and it will certainly make selling stolen parts more difficult.”
We also spoke to Detective Superintendent Raffaele D’Orsi about what the Metropolitan Police Service are doing to tackle motorcycle theft in the capital:
The MPS is committed to the detection, disruption, arrest and prosecution of those involved in moped and motorcycle theft and the associated enabled crime.

The police and motorcycle industry are seeking to educate owners to do everything possible to prevent the theft by better protecting their vehicles, while we focus on targeting those stealing and using stolen powered two wheelers.

“We’re already working with the industry to make these vehicles harder to steal, but I urge all riders to consider improving the security of their vehicles by using a forensic coding system.”
Finally, we spoke to Dave Luscombe from Motorcycle Industry Association about the benefits of forensically marking your bike. You can hear an interview from Dave and Kay below.
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***Kay is an alias to provide anonymity