Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 27th February 2019

The oil cooled GSX-R series of models lends itself more than any other model of motorcycle  to the creation of a special build.

80s tyres and enthusiastic owners lead to the creation of the Streetfighter scene, when owners found out that the cost of replacement fairings could be avoided with nothing more than some bar risers and a pair of Renthal handlebars, it was all it took to get that Hyper Sport Suzuki back on the road. Over the years this cottage industry approach to tinkering even delivered us the 7/11, taking the good bit from the 750 ie the chassis and mating it with the engine from the GSX-R1100 Slingshot series.

This Suzuki track day bike takes that concept another step further. First up it’s using a frame from a GSX-R1100 Slabby and it’s fitted been fitted with a GSX-R750L lump.

The biggest talking point though is the dumping of the Full Floater rear suspension and in its place are a pair of good old fashioned twin shocks. The bike clearly wasn’t built just to look at, the seller is keen to point out that for the last four years it’s been used in anger on plenty of classic track days, so those retro springs must work reasonably well. The spec is mighty impressive, with not too many OE Suzuki parts remaining beyond the basics of the chassis.

Asking price is £3,495 which isn’t too outrageous for a well built bike that’s ready to rumble.

What to look for when buying a track day bike.

  • Frame and engine numbers should be present and untampered.
  • Most track day riders spend lots on their hobby, but some also take a battered street bike and convert those for track day action. Paying the extra for a well sorted bike can be shrewd move.
  • Ex race bikes often filter down to the track day watering hole, these bikes are often clapped out machines that have seen many tyre walls. Look beyond the kudos and see if it’s actually any good.

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