Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 31st October 2018

Each week Scott Redmond, Insidebikes’ resident wheeler dealer, shares with us a bike that’s piquing his interest on the online internet sites. This week he’s found something so unusual you’ll think it’s genius or bonkers. I mean, who wouldn’t want to attach a sidecar to the world’s most iconic superbike? Tell us more, Scotty…

Do you fancy a bit on the side? The focus of this week’s Wednesday Watch List is a true one off. This stunning looking Ducati 996 comes fitted with some of the extras usually associated with a sporty Ducati twin pot racer. There’s some Harris rear sets and a pair of Termi race cans, all standard fare for one of the world’s most desirable modern classics, but there is one extra that really sets this 996 apart from the others – a Watsonian Squire sidecar!

The Squire single seat chair is big enough to accept an average sized adult. If your passenger doesn’t fancy the thrills of the wind in their hair it even comes with a hood, though it’s doubtful if it would sustain the rigours of travelling at the 100mph plus speeds the Duke is capable of.

A smaller, 13 tooth, front sprocket has been fitted to help haul the combo along, while the sidecar uses independent suspension to add plushness to the ride, as well as an alloy wheel to keep the weight down.

It’s hard to imagine any designers in Bologna envisioning a sidecar tacked on the side when they lovingly crafted their masterpiece, and what they’d think of this is anyone’s guess. That said, combinations have always appealed to a cult audience who see the appeal of a third wheel, and recently they’ve seen a surprise surge in interest from younger riders looking for a quirky form of transport. It might not be to everyone’s taste though, which is probably why our seller is covering himself by offering to split the combo up if need be. He’ll take £10,500 for it as is, or £1,700 for the Squire and £8,900 for the Ducati. He’s even got the original 15 tooth sprocket to chuck in on the transaction.

What to look for when buying a Ducati 996

Cambelts! Don’t just accept verbal proof that the cam belts have been changed. Always get a receipt that confirms the date that they were replaced. They need done every two years.

Original parts often got parted from the bikes when goodies were fitted, always ask for the original silencers if it’s fitted with race pipes.

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