Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th December 2018

A week might be a long time in politics, but a year in the bike trade can feel so much longer. This time last year Kawasaki were busy promoting the Z900RS. Their back to the future approach resulted in the production of a brand new model that borrowed heavily on the old school vibes of their Seventies classics.

A year on and there’s no shortage of unsold 2018 models lurking at your local Kawasaki dealer, many of which are now getting the discount treatment along with special retro paint jobs inspired by Zed models from the 1970s. With bargains to had on new ones it’s the quickest way to help dent the value of a used bike, no matter how much hype it’s received over the last 12 months. Trawling through the countless adverts for this model alone this one appears to cheapest way into Z900RS ownership.

Of all the colour choices available, this bike’s matt black and green combo is probably one of the less eye catching offerings? This one owner machine is barely run in, with only 898 miles recorded. The asking price of £8,495 is a whopping £1,500 shy of the retail price of a new one.

With Kawasaki dealers getting ready to get deliveries of 2019 spec models chances are those recommended retail prices for unsold 2018 will continue to be whittled down, which is good if you like a bargain, not too great if the hype from earlier this year meant you paid full asking price a year ago.

What to look for when buying a Z900RS

  • Deals! There’s plenty of 2018 models sitting on the showroom floors of Kawasaki dealers, they’ve tried all the tricks of fancy resprays and other goodies. Pick up the phone and get dealing.
  • Used bikes are less available, many of those up for sale are ex demo bikes. There’s nothing to fear, they’ll have the remainder of the factory warranty.
  • Colours can play a big part in resale values down the line. Popular colour choices like the red and black Z1 scheme will always sell easier than the less exciting colours.

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