Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 26th September 2018

This week we’ve been watching all things Kawasaki ZXR750 and, without a doubt, this is the pick of the current crop of ZXRs offered for sale on eBay. For a 28 year old motorcycle it’s survived remarkably well, probably down to the fact that this handsome beast hasn’t had too many owners since 1990. The first keeper held on to it for 21 years, it was then sold the second owner who recommissioned the low mileage Kawasaki back to its former glory.

Beyond powder coating the fat three spokes and some spit and polish, it appears to have been a straightforward process. The bike is fitted with a non standard screen but if this annoys you there’s no need to fret, as the original is included in the sale. ZXR750 prices are on the rise, the early H1 and H2 models are showing the biggest leaps, with the gorgeous ZXR750J and later L models creeping up too. Ironically the ZX-7R that replaced it can still be found in the bargain basement.

What’s really cool about this green meanie is it comes with it’s original toolkit, handbook, service book and it’s even got the original single seat converter. Compared to modern motorcycles you might wonder what all the fuss is about. The four cylinder water cooled engine gives just over 100bhp, which is just about enough to push it to 150mph. When new, the ZXR750 often lived in the shadows of the GSX-R750 models, but as modern day classics  the ZXR750 can now step out of the shadows cast by the oil cooled Suzuki offerings.

If you’ve got £6,995 kicking about and always promised yourself a ZXR750H1 then you could be the third owner of this stunner.

What to look for when buying a ZXR750H1

  • Look beyond the bodywork, many items don’t age well. Things like radiator and shock will usually be looking very tired if they’re the originals.
  • Bodywork is getting hard to find, pattern panels are available but detract from a bike’s value.
  • Brakes are well worth closer inspection as those Tokico four pot front calipers are prone to seizing if left unloved. Discs are also well known to warp. Aftermarket discs can vary in quality, so stick to brands that you recognise and trust.
  • The ZXR750H2 looks identical to the H1 but there are plenty of differences. The engine got more bhp, which meant the need for a bigger curved radiator. The swinging arm is unbraced on the H2, while the H2 also came with neat colour coded mirrors.

What to pay?

Bargains are still out there, but they are usually in need of work/investment. Prices start at around a £1,000 for a complete bike that needs attention.

Average condition bikes with aftermarket exhausts and a bit of road rash sit between £1,500 and £2,000.

Original bikes in above average condition rarely appear, budget £3,000 ish for a good un.

Unsurprisingly for Kawasakis, green bikes are more sought after than the red ones.

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