Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 23rd January 2019

Every Wednesday, used bike expert Scott Redmond brings us his pick of the ads from the internet auction sites. This week, it’s one of the last examples of Suzuki’s classic oil-cooled GSX-R750 – the 1990 L model…

For many purist, a real Suzuki GSX-R is one that uses an engine cooled by oil. Those early oil cooled bikes saw plenty of progress, from the 1985 GSX-R750F until the last throw of the oil cooled dice the GSX-R750M in 1991. From Slabby to flabby, every year saw the original recipe of a lightweight chassis get tampered with. Power might have increased but the bikes ended up getting chunkier. Over the years, the oil cooled GSX-R models have become the go to starting point for many a streetfighter project, which means finding an original bike is a tricky task these days. This GSX-R750L might not be a point perfect example of the L model, but it is a very good honest example of an iconic model. The 1990 L model came with upside down forks and had a 5.50×17 rear wheel, allowing the fitment of a 180 tyre.

Making this rough diamond offering from eBay even more appealing is the fact it’s covered a measly 9,938 miles from new. It arrived here in blighty, as a grey import, in 1999 and it’s had a pretty easy life since picking up its new identity from DVLA.

The original exhaust was left behind in Japan and in its place is a pukka Yoshimura Duplex 4-1 system, a superb period modification that adds kudos to this red and white Suzuki – after all, everyone knows that ‘Yoshi’ and ‘Gixxer’ go together like fish and chips.

With an asking price of £2,895 this one is not likely to hang around for too long. Maybe the new keeper will invest a few quid and hours into bringing the old girl up to her previous glory, but let’s hope that they don’t chuck the fairing away and fit some flat Renthal bars!

What to look for when buying a GSX-R750L

  • Does it run well? The carbs can create hassles if left unused, a full strip down and rebuild of the Mikuni CV carbs is the only way out.
  • Many will have been crashed once, maybe a few times! The upside down forks are very strong, so any frontal impact usually ends up bending the frame.
  • Build quality isn’t that wonderful, if it can rust it will. Look beyond the polished bodywork and give any potential purchase a forensic inspection before parting with your cash.

Check out this example, on sale at: