Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 12th December 2018

Suzuki has just called time on its iconic Hayabusa model, so what better excuse for Scott Redmond to call up eBay and see what early examples of this modern classic are currently out there in auctionland…

Once this was a vision of the future, the fastest bike that you buy over the counter of your local Suzuki dealer. There’s been plenty of reports that the current Hayabusa will be bowing out the Suzuki line up after two decades of ruling the roost. What better time to see how things are looking on the used Hayabusa market.

The earliest used bikes are now nudging 20 years old, the post 2008 facelift models are much more plentiful, but for many it’s those bulbous early first generation bikes that are the most sought after. Even rarer are the first batch of bikes, which were completely unrestricted and sported a clock set with a 220mph speedo.

Many of these bikes have been abused and worse broken up for parts, as the engine is very popular with kit car builders.

Prices for these early models are still sensible, so if you’ve always fancied one now is a good time to make that dream come true.

This 1999 model benefits from a few upgrades, the most useful being the Billet Six brake calipers. The original Tokico six pot front calipers are a well documented weak spot, more so on bikes used in all weathers, so this modification may prove to be highly practical.

The red and black colours are one of the better paint options. Overall condition looks above average for a Suzuki of this age.

At £3,495 it’s not one of the cheaper examples on offer this week, but it is one of the better ones out there.

What to look for when buying a GSX1300R Hayabusa.

  • Many first generation bikes may well be fitted with an alarm, some of these could be elderly, always check that they work perfectly.
  • Standard bikes are hard to find, there’s no end of extras on the market for the Hayabusa owner to blow their cash on. None will add value in the long run.
  • The beige and silver coloured Busa from 1998/99 is the one collectors are drawn towards, you will have to pay over the odds to secure one.

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