Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 5th February 2020

There’s nothing quite like setting out on the open road on a classic motorcycle. For some, owning a classic motorbike might just be a smart investment, but for most riders it’s all about indulging in some nostalgia. No matter the reason, you’ll be looking to get the right level of cover to ensure the machine of your dreams is fully protected. 

This is where classic motorbike insurance comes in – it’s specifically designed to protect you and your classic ride, should the unforeseeable happen. To get a free quote with Carole Nash today, simply call us on 0333 055 3355.

Defining classic motorbike insurance

As one of the UK’s leading motorbike insurance brokers with over three decades of experience in the industry, we know just how much a classic bike means to its owner. It goes far beyond just a means of transport, and this is why we offer classic motorbike insurance policies to give you complete peace of mind.

Classic motorbike insurance can cover a motorcycle that’s classified as a classic, which means a bike that’s between 20 and 30 years old. A motorcycle of this age would qualify for our classic motorbike insurance policy.

If your motorcycle is over 30 years old, then it’ll be eligible for a quote for vintage motorbike insurance. Younger models that are between 10 and 20 years old may benefit from a future classic policy.  

How can you benefit? 

Choosing classic bike insurance with Carole Nash means getting access to a range of benefits, including salvage retention rights, low mileage discounts and agreed value, which can be hugely beneficial as the market value may not reflect the true value of your bike. 

Our other classic bike insurance benefits include:

  • Low excess of only £50
  • Free agreed value
  • Riding other bikes
  • Low mileage discounts
  • Cover for club rallies
  • Static displays cover
  • Salvage retention rights
  • Up to 10% off for owners’ club membership

How can I get covered?

You can get a free, no-obligation quote with us by filling out our online form or by calling 0333 055 3355. Our staff will help you every step of the way with finding an ideal, affordable policy.