Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th January 2020

Because the cost of motorcycle insurance varies depending on the individual and their own unique set of circumstances, it’s not easy to give a definitive answer on the average cost of insurance. However, we can run through the things that are likely to affect the cost of your insurance premiums so you can be aware of what factors may push up your costs.

What affects your insurance premiums?

Your age

Once you reach the age of 25 you should see your insurance premiums start to decrease. This is because riders under-25 are considered high risk. 

Your address

Busy cities are considered higher risks than quiet suburbs because there’s more traffic and people about. So in this regard, you’re likely to pay a higher premium if you live in a city. Additionally, if your postcode is associated with a higher rate of crime, this could push up your insurance.

No claims discount

The more years of no claims you have, the cheaper your insurance because you’re seen as a low risk rider.

Past claims and convictions

Any previous claims you’ve made on your insurance need to be declared as well as any motoring convictions, such as speeding. These can push up the cost of your insurance.

Any additional riders

If you’re going to be having multiple riders on your insurance policy, be aware that learner, younger and higher risk riders will increase the cost of your insurance.

Advanced rider qualification

Those who take advanced rider qualifications/courses are seen as safer riders and could get a discount on their insurance.

Your motorbike’s info

Make and model

A bigger bike with a larger engine will generally cost more to insure than a small scooter.


The more secure your motorbike is, the cheaper your insurance is likely to be. For example, if you store it in a locked garage rather than park it on the street and have a good bike lock, you may be able to reduce your premiums. There is a good chance a claim could be rejected if your bike is kept in an unlocked garage.


The more often you’re on your bike and the more miles you do, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. So your average mileage will affect your insurance cost.


You’ll need to declare any modifications your motorbike has had because any increase in performance and value could affect your premiums.


The higher the value of your bike, the higher your premiums are likely to be. This is because more expensive motorbikes are more costly to repair or replace compared to cheaper motorbikes.

Additionally, the level of cover you decide on will ultimately factor into your insurance quote. As well as any additional insurance cover you want such as helmets and leathers, key protection and personal accident.

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