Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th September 2016

Winning the British Superbike Championship three times, Niall Mackenzie knows a thing or two about racing.


Despite being retired, Niall still lives and breathes the sport he once called his own. He now works with Motorcycle Media, often instructs track days across the UK and Europe and has two children of his own who are just beginning their very own racing careers.


Today, we’re offering one lucky winner a chance to win a pillion ride with Niall himself at the Brands Hatch during the final of the British Superbikes Championship. One person will experience the buzz of riding along with Niall, with two VIP tickets for the entire weekend thrown in for good measure!


As soon as we arranged the competition with Niall, he told us just how excited he was to share a ride with our winner:


“Having won the British Superbike Championship three times, I remember vividly how I felt during those final races. Being able to offer someone the chance to ride pillion on race day at Brands Hatch is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the buzz of anticipation in the air from thousands of spectators. I can’t wait to feel that adrenaline rush again with the winner of this great competition!


“All you need to do to enter is head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment on the pinned post, telling us why exactly you deserve to win this once in a lifetime ride.


To give you a taste of what it’s like to ride with one of the world’s best racers, Jason, who works alongside Niall Mackenzie and other racers such as John Reynolds and Yukio Kagayama, recalls his unforgettable pillion experience:


“I have only had one pillion ride experience myself but in my old job I used to organise dozens of them every year. I always marvelled at how much the pillion riders enjoyed themselves. Every one of them would get off the back of the bike, smiling from ear to ear and babbling about how they couldn’t believe it.”


“One day at Silverstone my chance came up and I jumped on the back. I completed two laps and then fell off the bike. I couldn’t have made a third lap and stayed on. The braking force was beyond belief. The cornering angle with me on the back was ridiculous. John told me he had been riding at around 80% and he could easily go faster but didn’t want to scare me too much. My hand was shaking that much I struggled to shake his hand and say thank you.”


“It was the best fairground ride I have ever experienced and would I do it again? In a heartbeat.”


Does this sound like something you’d love to do? If you want to feel the thrill of the pillion with one of the best road racers, make sure you leave a comment over on our Facebook page.


The competition starts on 17th September 2016 and ends at 4pm on 12th October 2016. 


Don’t forget to read our terms and conditions before entering, to ensure you’re eligible to win this amazing prize.


Best of luck!