Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 1st May 2018

Yamaha has developed a new app, called MyRide, to allow riders to analyse their ride, record their routes and share all the data with fellow riders from around the world.


Available on Android and Apple platforms and for use with all motorcycles, not just Yamahas, the MyRide app records everything from speed, lean angle and acceleration, through to braking forces and elevation changes, meaning riders can analyse their riding and, in the words of Yamaha – enhance their riding skills.


Riders can save the data for posterity and also map out their routes and exchange them with other motorcyclists as industry standard GPX files, which can then be read through most sat-navs.


yamaha myride


Similar apps have been popular with cyclists for years, particularly the well known Strava application, but MyRide has been designed especially with motorbike rides in mind. As it works with the smart phone and is independent of the actual bike, MyRide works on everything from an Aprilia through to a Zero, as well, of course, Yamahas.


It looks like a great way to remember and analyse those great riding routes we all stumble upon from time to time and it’s free to download so, if you fancy giving it a try, head over to the App Store or Google Play.

This first release of the MyRide app has the following functionality:

  • Track rides and save them for future reference
  • Add pictures of your ride to create a memory book
  • Share your trip through social media platforms
  • Datalogging, to record lean angle, acceleration, average speed, top speed, braking forces elevation and total distance. 
  • Ability to record the make and model of bike used for each journey