Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 11th September 2014

Do you ever wonder how your bike is “feeling”? A new smartphone app from Yamaha Motor Co claims to help you understand what your engine has to say.

The app listens to engine sounds from motorcycles and other vehicles and translates these sounds into computer-generated speech, using a database of over 100 million phrases. Taking into account factors such as time of day and weather, as well as engine sounds, it assesses operational status to convey the engine’s “feelings,” Yamaha claims.

Users can choose from various personalities, which influence the feedback it gives. Example phrases offered up by the app include: “Running is my happiness,” “Give me a break, will you?” and “Let me go along with you until the end of the world.”

Developers took their inspiration from the brand slogan, “Revs your Heart,” which expresses Yamaha’s aim to provide customers with joyful and exciting experiences.

Yusuke Tsunemoto, who led the app development team for Yamaha, said that RevTranslator enables customers to take a fresh view of their engines. “Although the app is meant to be entertaining, customers can use it to better understand the condition of their Yamaha motorcycles, sport boats, snowmobiles and generators,” the developer added.

When using the app, users accumulate points that can be used to unlock digital mascots and other exclusive content related to Yamaha products.

The app is not intended to be used while riding.

The English-language version of the RevTranslator app was released on 1 September and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Visit to find out more and to download the app.