Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 22nd December 2015

This year has been one of celebrations, not only with our hardworking colleagues but also with our esteemed customers – without whom we would not be here today.

A birthday would not be a birthday without a cake. But we did not want just any cake, so we thought…why not have one that looks like the first motorbike we ever insured? Crazy idea, right?! Well, we went and did a spot of ‘motorbaking’ anyway!

Measuring 2m in length and 0.9m tall, our unique creation is modelled on the exact motorcycle that Carole Nash first insured back in 1985, an AJS 1927 which to this day is still insured through our company.

It took more than one month to design and 375 hours to create, and includes a whopping 60kg of chocolate, 25kg of icing and a gut-busting 23kg of cake mix! In total, the motorbake – made by famous food artist Prudence Staite – weighs in at a staggering 100kg!

For anyone wishing to try and replicate our incredible feat, it is worth noting that you will also need 7kg of caster sugar, 7kg of butter, 124 eggs, 7kg of self-raising flour, 31tsps of baking powder, 2kg of liquid glucose, and 60kg of dark, milk and white chocolate, plus edible silver food coloring to give the authentic AJS style.

In the meantime, enjoy this selection of images.