Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 23rd January 2018

American company Zero has announced a new, bigger battery, version of its learner legal DS adventure bike.

Previously the 11kw learner models came with the smaller, ZF7.2 battery, which give a range of between 40 to 80 miles depending on usage and riding style but the new version, with double the battery capacity, offers twice the range. Zero claim that the new DS ZF14.4 is good for 78 motorway miles or 163 in the city. An optional additional battery, called the Power Tank, increases that further – to almost 100 miles on the open road and 200 around town.


zero ds studio


The additional battery adds 43kg to the bike, which weights in at 187kg, although the new DS slots into the range alongside the lighter and cheaper ZF7.2 models.

All can be ridden by riders as young as 17, provided they have passed their CBT. The bike is fully automatic and can be recharged through a regular plug socket, while Zero say that its latest bike is eligible for the government’s £1500 OLEV grant, meaning that it costs £12,190 on the road.


Side Tank Possible


Although the electric bike company has a small UK dealer network, they will be exhibiting at next month’s Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show, which takes place in the capital’s ExCeL exhibition centre on the weekend of 16-18 February. If you’re after electric bike insurance, Carole Nash will be available to talk you through the options!