Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 7th February 2018

Now with added off-road ability…


There are so many things about Honda’s X-ADV that shouldn’t work. For a start there is the whole concept – an adventure scooter, what’s that all about? Then there is the look, which is more than a little unique. The price tag of £9959 is also pretty high and finally there is the market – seriously, who wants an off-road scooter? But here is the really strange part – despite all these questions hanging over its head, the X-ADV does work and has proven its doubters wrong by being remarkably successful.


2018 X-ADV

2018 X-ADV


In Europe, Honda has sold 7500 X-ADVs, enough to place it in Europe’s top ten best selling bikes! And even in the traditionally conservative UK there are 400 charging about. It’s one of those bikes that has defied its critics and succeeded when most wrote it off. But for 2018 it now has another challenge as Honda have added an off-road ‘G switch’ to it alongside two-level torque control and a slightly higher rev limit. So, armed with this new mode, can the X-ADV actually be ridden in an off-road environment? And, more to the point, will anyone want to take a 238kg scooter on dirt trails! Only one way to find out…


2018 X-ADV


I know the ADV looks like an adventure two-wheeler, but why anyone would take it up anything other than a gravel path is a mystery to me. There is a reason off-roaders have big wheels (18-inch rear, 21-inch front) – they work on the rough stuff where the ADV’s 17-inch front and 15-inch rear is less, shall we say effective… And that’s not taking into account their width…


2018 X-ADV


So while you can now push the ADV’s ‘G switch’ to increase the DCT clutch’s bite to help you control the slide before you bounce it off its new 7500rpm rev limit. Or switch between its two torque control modes or even turn it off completely while you hit the gravel paths, personally I reckon you would be a little daft. Stick to the road instead, use the torque control as a safety net in the wet or on gravel paths that lead to a beach and instead enjoy what is a weird and wacky, yet surprisingly good fun, motorcycle. Or scooter. Or scooter adventure bike. Or whatever the hell it is!

2018 X-ADV



Price: £9959

Engine: Four-stroke, parallel twin, 8v, l/c, 745cc

Power: 54bhp @ 6250rpm

Torque: 50.1ftlb @ 4750rpm

Wet weight: 238kg

Seat height: 820mm

Tank: 13.1-litres



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