Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 30th July 2018

We’ve had a lot of work on for Insidebikes that has dragged us all over the country in the last few weeks, and my Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports has been the perfect companion.


After passing its first service with flying colours, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports has been used for a weekend run as a camera bike down to Goodwood Festival of Speed, and a trip to Wales for a BMW F850GS launch, a run down to Folkestone, and general daily commuting. The bike has had a busy month and wracked-up just over 2000 miles in total.


The Africa Twin Adventure Sports truly makes you feel like the king of the road. The riding position is all commanding, the luggage takes plenty of kit for a weekend away, there’s enough bungee points on the rear rack to strap another bag to it, and you sit higher than just about any other bike I’ve ever ridden on the road.


The seat is comfortable, even if it goes splay your legs slightly thanks to the extra fuel capacity of the Adventure Sports. But, I would like a higher screen as I’m six foot four and it buffets me slightly so I end up ducking out of the wind rather than sitting in my natural position.


There was nothing to report on its first 600 mile service, other than a front brake lever that had bent after the bike fell over when off-road a month or so ago. It confused Darren, the Honda mechanic so much he thought we’d bent it ourselves as there was no other damage on the bike. The crash bars took the hit, and it landed on soft grass.

One thing he did point out though was the rear tyre will need replacing in about 1000-miles. The original Bridgestones suit the bike really well, can ride off-road when it’s dry and give enough grip for the AT’s docile power delivery. But, even with a lot of motorway miles and some hard riding I’m surprised that the rear will be shot by 3000-miles.


We’ll be looking at fitting some Metzeler Karoo Street tyres next, a colleague of mine has them fitted to his R1200GS and raves about them.