Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 17th April 2014

Japanese automotive group Honda has just introduced its new 750cc NM4 motorcycle, which will be sold throughout Europe under the brand Vultus.


The Vultus has been developed with the idea of providing an innovative approach to vehicle design, and the NM stands for new motorcycle. As its bodywork has been inspired by the futurism and the style of Japan’s anime culture, professionals believe that the features of the NM4 might not be hugely popular with traditional bike lovers.


Looking at functionality, the motorcycle also offers a ride that could be considered different from what bike enthusiasts are generally used to. The seat of the Vultus tilts back, while the footrests are placed at the front end of the bike, which produces a position that the Japanese brand describes as “mirroring that of a fighter pilot”. The seat is also the lowest used in a 750cc motorcycle model at only 650 millimetres.


The manufacturer believes that the NM4 will provoke a new viewpoint on motorsport which will convince motorcycle owners that modern technology has all it takes to completely change the riding experience. Honda has also tried to make the model adjustable to personal preferences, with the seat position being fully adjustable. In addition, the gear changing and clutch features have been designed in a similar way to those on mopeds and scooters, thus making it easier to get to grips with.


The Vultus will be landing in showrooms across the globe later in 2014.