Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 8th March 2017

Honda’s PCX125 is a global phenomenon, a successor to the legendary C90 even. Sold in the tens of thousands around the world, the PCX is a ubiquitous sight on the roads in South East Asia and mainland Europe, and a popular choice here in the UK too.


The PCX is consistently one of the best selling powered two wheelers in the country and, after spending a week in the company of one, it is easy to see why.


At £2799, there are cheaper 125cc scooters out there but none of them carry the Honda badge and the reputation that brings. Styling is conservative but classy, with four sober colours (currently matt gray, pearl red, pearl white and pearl brown options) and a complete absence of tacky graphics. Make no mistake about it, this is a scooter for grown ups.


Practicality is the key with the PCX. Riding it is simplicity itself and there’s plenty of space under the seat for shopping and the like. You’ll get a full faced helmet under there, and Honda also have some top boxes available as accessories, in 29 and 39 litre variants. The all encompassing bodywork provides a good degree of weather protection as standard, and can be fitted with the ever popular leg covers offered by Italian accessory company Tucano Urbano, which keep out the cold and rain during year-round riding.


Turn the key and the PCX whirs into life. It’s whisper quiet and has the simple twist and go operation we’ve come to expect from modern scooters. With an 11.5bhp engine, the scoot has plenty of zip around town and can wind itself up to a comfortable 60mph on the dual carriageway.


Cheap and easy running is what the Honda is all about, with the manufacturer claiming an impressive 133.9mpg thanks to a car style stop/start system that cuts the engine when you pull up to a stop and starts up again the instant you touch the throttle. The car theme continues with the comprehensive dashboard design that’s easy to read. There’s also a built in USB charging point in the glove box and some very effective LED headlights, which are all far more than you’d expect from a sub-£3000 scooter.


Those 14” wheels make for a good balance between comfort, agility and stability and the brakes work well enough, without being too powerful or grabby, although there’s no ABS option on UK models. Being a little negative, the ride quality isn’t the plushest out there, but overall it’s a staggeringly competent machine, and easy to see why it’s so popular around the world.


So who buys a PCX125? Well, pretty much anyone who needs a practical urban run around would be well advised to take a look at this ever popular steed. Being an A1 licence friendly 125, it can be ridden on a provisional licence with CBT (and L plates) meaning that you don’t have to go through the expense of a full test to be able to get out on the PCX.


From city slickers looking for some practical wheels that’s easy to park in the big smoke, to students looking for a cheap set of wheels and couriers needing a practical workhorse, the PCX offers something for everyone.


Alternatives:  Yamaha NMAX offers a little more spec for a little less money, trading off some of the PCX’s practicality for a bit of added sportiness. Peugeot’s ever popular Speedfight 125 is a sportier and more youthful option, that comes in around £500 less.





Single cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, two-valves






8.6kW (11.5bhp) @9,000rpm


12Nm @ 5000rpm


31mm telescopic fork






8 litres



*Based on our average customer 52 year old, 9 years NCB, garaged, WA14 postcode, no claims/convictions, 4000 miles Comp cover is £199.81 £150 xs. Get your Honda Motorcycle Insured with Carole Nash