Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 10th August 2018

As if it needed any more horsepower, Kawasaki have unlocked over 30bhp from its supercharged Ninja H2 engine – raising power output from an already staggering 200bhp to a massive 230 for the 2019 version.


Launched to coincide with the start of Bonneville Speed Week, the 2019 Ninja H2 has a host of small but significant upgrades to not only raise power but also to improve fuel consumption and overall refinement.


ninja update


Much of the economy improvements can be traced to the adoption of parts from the Ninja H2 SX sports tourer, which came out last year. Parts making the transition from SX to the sportier version include the air filter, intake chamber, spark plugs and ECU.


The Ninja H2 also rolls out of the factory with new Bridgestone RS11 rubber, the Japanese manufacturer’s race developed road tyre. The latest generation Brembo Stylema front brake calipers are also an upgrade, with the super rigid calipers claimed to offer better cooling for more predictable braking characteristics.


ninja update


Visually, the 2019 Ninja H2 is a virtual replica of the earlier versions, with only a new ‘Supercharged’ badge giving the game away.


Interestingly, Kawasaki says that it has developed a ‘self-healing’ paint for the frame. Developed in house, the paint can impressively heal small scratches in warm temperatures to help keep the £25,500 machine in tip-top condition.


ninja update


Other small changes include the adoption of full-colour TFT instruments for 2019. These look the same as those fitted to the Ninja H2 SX SE, but with the added advantage of smartphone connectivity via Kawasaki’s new “Rideology” App. Once paired, the phone can access information like fuel level and battery condition, as well as a riding log and service interval updates.