Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th November 2018

British company Lexmoto, distributors of small capacity scooters and motorcycles built in China but developed especially for the UK market, has introduced a new geared moped at last week’s Motorcycle Live event.


Called the Aspire, the new bike is a geared four-stroke motor housed in a traditional roadster chassis. Priced at £1250, the Lexmoto is one of the few geared models for 16-year-olds on the market today and is the smaller sibling of the £1500 Aspire 125.


While most mopeds go down the twist and go scooter route, the Aspire is a conventional four-speed motorcycle, with the air-cooled single developing 2.2kw (2.95bhp). In order to be ridden by 16-year-olds on an AM licence, the Aspire is limited to 30mph by law, although Lexmoto dealers can derestrict the Aspire for older riders looking to ride it on an A1 licence.


Lexmoto have built a good reputation in recent years thanks to their good build quality and aftercare service, as well as developing learner legal bikes that are cheap to buy and inexpensive to run. The Aspire displayed at Motorcycle Live certainly appeared to be well enough put together. Cycle parts are all simple enough, with old school twin shocks, telescopic forks and a hydraulic front disc brake, with a drum at the back. Styling is fairly modern, with a contemporary headlight design and small nose cone. There’s also a practical rear rack, to which luggage can be strapped (or a top box fitted).


The little Lexmoto will be in showrooms in January 2019, with red, white and grey colour options available.