Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th December 2017

Norton Motorcycles says it has already had massive positive interest in its new Norton 650 Scrambler, which was revealed just weeks ago.


The British firm, announced its new 650 parallel twin Scrambler and showed design iterations of three versions of the bike at Motorcycle Live, as you can see here.

Norton Scrambler

Public demand has so far been incredibly high, despite the bike not yet being shown in a prototype form, other than these exclusive drawings provided to us by Norton’s engineers.

Although the firm has shown three Scramblers, going from a road-biased bike to a more extreme version with a 19-inch front wheel, further down the line Norton has also revealed it plans to build a 100bhp, 140kg Lightweight TT replica bike, as first revealed back in 2015.

The 650 motor essentially uses the front two cylinders of the firm’s 1200cc V4, an engine which was always designed to be evolved into a 650 when required by the Donington Hall-based firm.


It allows the bike to be very short and compact, and for a small motorcycle manufacturer like Norton, cuts down the development costs by half, in theory.


It will use a steel trellis frame made in-house at Norton’s new, bigger engineering facility at Donington Hall, where the new V4 RR and V4 SS frames are built, alongside the Norton Commando range.

Norton 360

Like the current range of 961cc Commandos, which put Norton back on the map when the firm was reborn in 2008, the new Scrambler range is inspired by Norton’s proud heritage of bikes like the P11, which could be ridden every day, and then be ridden on gentle trails at the weekend.


Norton CEO Stuart Garner said: “We’d always planned to build a 650 motor range as, along with the 961 and 1200, that sees us with the right platforms to take Norton into the foreseeable future.

Norton 360

He added: “Our Scrambler won’t be cheap, but it has to be usable every day and be the kind of bike that you can ride it in a bit of mud, fall off and just pick it up without damaging anything, and using robust parts top make it durable.”


Ducati and Triumph have been monumental in bringing back the Scrambler. Triumph led the way in 2006, but it was Ducati that really cashed in with the Scrambler brand in 2014, selling an astonishing 32,000 Scrambler worldwide between 2014 and the start of 2017. And with more models coming from Yamaha, Triumph and Ducati, it’s a slice of the motorcycle pie that seems to still be growing in demand.

Norton 360

Everyone from Bell helmets, to the Alpinestars Oscar range, are producing kit for Scramblers, and the heritage off-road vibe which means riders can not only ride the part, they can dress the part too, and it’s that lifestyle which you could see Norton fitting into perfectly.




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