Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th February 2010

Peugeot has been in the two-wheeler business a long time and have produced some of the most popular scooters in the UK market over the last 15 years. The Jet Force Compressor 125 and Speedfight 50 have sold in their thousands across the UK . The French company will be launching several new models of this year and first to arrive in the UK is the big-wheel LXR125.

The so-called `big wheel’ scooters are popular in Italy, as they offer superior handling over poorly maintained surfaces and are easy to manoeuvre in crowded city streets – benefits that are equally relevant to British roads. Driven by the latest Euro-3 compliant, 125cc, liquid cooled 4-stroke engine, the LXR produces 12.5 hp and is more than capable of keeping pace with traffic flow in town.  Its 16 inch wheels work with twin rear shock absorbers to give a comfortable ride and reassuring handling, while stopping power is provided by 220mm disc brakes front and rear.

With many cash-strapped commuters considering switching to two-wheels to beat congestion, parking charges and avoid unreliable public transport, the frugal fuel consumption of the LXR is an added incentive. A 125cc scooter can also be a relatively cheap machine to insure for many first-time riders. Available in a choice of Ink Blue or Cotton White colour schemes, the Peugeot LXR125 sells for £2499, including a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For information on Peugeot Scooters call 01202 823344 or visit their new UK website at