Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th June 2008

When you’ve got the best selling scooter in the UK, it must feel like mission impossible to be faced with creating a new model, knowing what you have to live up to.

So, when Peugeot announced the launch of their first big-wheeled scooter – the Looxor – expectations were high. Does the Looxor deliver? Ole Dele checked it out at the launch in Seville.

Peugeot´s reasons for investing in a big-wheeler stem from the popularity of the type in the home of the two wheeled automatic, Italy, where big wheelers have wrestled 30% of the 50cc market and 17% of the 100-150cc market away from conventional scooters. These figures haven´t quite been matched outside of Italy yet, but Peugeot think they could be, with the right product, and are banking on the Looxor to do it.

As the third millennium approached, French designers began musing increasingly with the shapes and forms of Ancient Egypt for inspiration. Luc Besson´s film ‘The Fifth Element´ and the ‘Pyramide du Louvre´ in France are just two examples of this fascination.

On the Looxor the influence can be seen most obviously in its crescent shaped headlight cluster design. Along with its crafted lines and astute attention to details, like the handy shopping bag hook; star shaped mag wheels, a simple dash combining analogue with digital read outs, the Looxor combines comforting familiarity with a dab of Egyptian mystique
With two capacities and four colour choices, (Atoll Blue, Technium Grey Varnish, Asphalt, or Grenade Red ) to choose from, I opted for the 100cc, 2 stroke single rather than the de-restricted 50cc version, although in reality, there isn´t a great deal of difference between the two except the 100 is slightly happier at full throttle for longer periods.

They look identical but the 94kg 50 weighs 7kg less than the 100 (101kg); puts out a maximum of 2.9kw of power compared to the 100´s 6.9kw; uses thinner 28mm hydraulic, telescopic forks than the 32mm´s used by the 100; and has a 110mm rear drum brake rather than a 190 rear disc, as fitted to the 100 model.

Obviously the 50 isn´t quite as quick as the 100, with the capacity and power disadvantage, which means it´s always playing catch-up, but it´s never made a fool of in town traffic. You´re unlikely to lose ground on busy traffic unless you´re not really trying.
Seville itself is made up of a mixture of modern tarmac roads, in various states of repair, woven around tiny, traditional cobbled streets, that barely hold the width of a car. These do however provide excellent conditions for testing the abilities of a scooter over varying surfaces in changeable conditions.

At their worst, the streets are bumpy, haphazard, wet and slippery but other than riding more carefully (mainly because of the rain), gave the Looxor no problems. The same can be said for the intermittent potholes and other modern tarmac indiscretions.

The Looxor´s long extension Paioli suspension, large 16 inch aluminium wheels, and specially designed tubeless Meteor tyres by Hutchinson, taking care of the varied roads as succinctly as any trendy 4×4. Comfort is helped further by minimal engine vibration thanks to a modified crankshaft, a rubber pad between the engine and the chassis, plus an ‘anti-filtration´ pad that blocks vibration from coming through its superbly comfortable seat.

All of which leaves you feeling like you´re riding in the lap of luxury and on and an immensely stable scooter-commuter, whether you are going slowly, flat out (over 60mph on the clock) or cranked right over in turns, where it offers not a murmur of complaint from its light tubular chassis, or any of its shock absorbing components.

A feeling that will go on and on, with the Looxor´s 8 litre gas tank capable of a range of 200km. Powered reliably by a Honda designed, Euro 1 emissions standard, catalysed Peugeot engine and priced at just £1,699 on the road for the 100cc and £1,499 for the 50cc this is a value package from one of the big names in the European scooter industry.

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Vital Statistics


Engine Single cylinder 2 stroke
cc 49/100
Claimed power (bhp Peak Power 2.5kw/6.9kw
Transmission Automatic twist `n´ go

Cycle Parts

Suspension Front Upside down hydraulic fork
Suspension Rear Single combined gas & hydraulic
Front Tyre Tubeless 80/80.16
Rear Tyre Tubeless 100/70.16
Front brake Disc 226mm
Rear brake Drum 110mm/190mm
Wheelbase 1311mm


Top speed 50mph/60mph ( 100cc model )
Fuel capacity Fuel tank capacity 8 Litres

Buying Info

Current price £1,499 (50) / £1,699 (100)