Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 24th May 2018

Indian manufacturer Royal Enfield has paid homage to the ‘Flying Flea’ motorcycles deployed during World War II with its limited edition version of the enduring Bullet, called the Classic 500 Pegasus.


Based on the standard Bullet Classic 500, just 1000 of the limited edition Pegasus model will be produced, with 190 destined for the UK at a price of £4999. The bikes feature WWII style graphics, which are inspired by the 125cc Enfields that were dropped behind enemy lines by the parachute regiment for soldiers to ride during the war. The bikes famously played their part in D-Day and Operation Market Garden, two defining moments in the war.




The bikes come in authentic Olive Drab Green or Service Brown colour schemes, with the parachute regiment’s maroon and blue Pegasus logo (from which the bike takes its name) emblazoned on the tank and canvas panniers. The tank also has the bike’s unique serial number stencilled on it, while other changes from the standard model include blacked out wheels, exhausts, kickstart and headlamp shroud. Period touches also include the brown handlebar grips and a leather strap across the air filter. Another neat design element is the yellow stripe on the crankcase cover, which was used to symbolise the centre of mass point for the troops loading bikes on to planes during the war.



Royal Enfield has worked with the Ministry of Defence to develop the new model and will be taking orders online from July. With massive interest in military history, there’s every chance these limited edition machines will fly out of the showrooms.