Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th March 2017

It’s a modest machine built for simple purposes. It’s cheap to buy and run, incredibly simple to ride and, in the city traffic, there’s nothing quicker from A to B. It’s brilliant!


At £1999, you won’t find a cheaper new bike from a Japanese manufacturer and while you could probably write about all the high-tech stuff in a Tweet, the Address will take you around 145 miles for £3.50. Add in the cost of purchase and insurance, and it’ll still be cheaper than getting the bus for many commuters.


Suzuki Address 110 on the street


So what is it? It’s a 9bhp, 110cc four-stroke scooter, so you can ride it on L plates and a provisional licence, once you’ve passed the compulsory basic training. It’s got a top speed of over 50mph and because it’s a featherweight 97kg, it’s pretty sprightly away from the lights, making it a pleasure to ride in city traffic.


Like most modern scooters, the Address has a twist and go transmission, meaning that there are no gears to worry about, and the brakes are simple with the right hand lever operating the front and left hand lever working the rear. The front disc and rear drum are adequate for the speeds you’ll be travelling and although there’s no option of an anti-lock system, it doesn’t feel like you’d really need one.


This is no machine with which to join the biker lifestyle, but a way for many people to enhance their own work/life balance. If you work in the city, chances are that this will work out to be cheaper and quicker than pretty much any form of public transport, or indeed a car, while shift workers and those who work away from the bus and rail networks will know how important it is to have their own transport.


And that’s what the Address (and the similar, but slightly more expensive Honda Vision 110) does. It empowers riders to get around, reduces travelling time, congestion and pollution. It’s a good £800 cheaper than Honda’s more powerful, best selling PCX125 and although there are less expensive bikes coming out of China, chances are you won’t have the dealer support, reliability or resale value of a major Japanese brand.



Gadgets? Well, not many really. You get an engine, wheels, some brakes… There’s a small fuel gauge inset into the large and easy to read speedometer, and erm, that’s about it really.


Under the seat there is enough storage space to store a full faced helmet while parked up, or a decent sized back of shopping while on the go, and there’s also a bag hook upon which you can hang a handbag or small shopping back while riding. There are also two cubby holes that double up as cup/water bottle holders, while Suzuki also offer a ‘City Accessory Pack’ for an additional £299. This consists of a 30 litre top box, screen and handguards, to give more storage and better weather protection.


All in all, the Address offers great value for money. Choice of colours are classy black, white or silver or, for £100 more, there’s the option of Suzuki’s metallic blue and yellow MotoGP livery. The only downside is that the five litre fuel tank is smaller than most other scooters, although with over 150 miles between refills, you still won’t be making too many trips to the petrol station.




Air-cooled four-stroke two-valve OHC single






6.7kW (9bhp) @8000rpm


8.6Nm @ 6000rpm


Telescopic forks









*Based on our average customer 52 year old, 9 years NCB, garaged, WA14 postcode, no claims/convictions, 4000 miles Comp cover is £190.42 with a £350xs. Get Suzuki Motorbike insurance with Carole Nash.