Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 23rd January 2019

Triumph’s gargantuan Rocket III has been one of the most significant models for the British company since its revival in 1989, so it is no surprise to see the mega cruiser being revived for 2019 with a pretty much ground up new design.


The Rocket III stunned the world when it was launched back in 2004, with its 2294cc, three-cylinder engine making it the biggest capacity production bike ever sold. Initial demand for the machine made it Hinckley Triumph’s biggest seller at the time and although it slipped quietly off sale in European countries when it failed to meet the latest round of EU emissions laws, the company has confirmed that it will be back later this year.


Triumph unveiled a prototype to launch its new TFC (Triumph Factory Custom) project, which will lead to a range of upspecced versions of the company’s most popular models, the new Rocket III will feature an enlarged, 2500cc, engine that’s good for over 180bhp and a staggering 240Nm of torque.

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The 2019 Rocket III will utilise a new chassis with a single sided swingarm showcasing the huge rear wheel. The front of the new Rocket continues the look of the much loved original, complete with Triumph’s 2000-era bug eyed headlamps, but the back end sees a radical departure with minimalist styling that has a hint of Ducati’s Diavel about it.


A stubby three-into-one-into-three exhaust system keeps the rear wheel firmly in view, while the stylish seat unit has an integrated LED rear brake light. Triumph’s prototype shows the bike with a solo seat unit, however it would be expected that a pillion pad will also be available in the style of the Bonneville Speedmaster.


The Rocket III TFC Concept, to give it its full name, also runs high end Brembo brake calipers and the latest TFT dashboard (both taken from other Triumph models) and comes dripping with carbon fibre parts and luscious hand painted detailing. How many of the TFC’s premium touches will be retained on the standard model remain to be seen, but Triumph say that they will be in a position to release more information on the new Rocket III TFC, of which a limited run of 750 will be made, in early May.