Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 6th May 2008

Yamaha’s classically-inspired Teo’s 125 is an attractive contender for all-round commuting, with a compact design that’s tailor-made for nipping between gaps when traffic’s well and truly jammed.

With an engine sourced from the Majesty 125, but less weight and a narrower profile, the Teo´s could be the perfect solution for commuting in style. Olly Duke took a spin in Rome.

When in Rome. Scooter sales are booming, both in Europe and the UK. Some 1.5 million of them will be sold this year, with Britain taking over 50,000. While they´re fairly common in London now, in Rome and other Italian cities they swarm like bees through the streets, which is why Yamaha launched its stylish 125cc Teo´s in the Latin capital.

Style. Small scooters are mostly about style, but there´s also a trend of ‘more mature´ people joining the ranks of the scooterists throughout Europe, which the Teo´s aims to attract. And attract it does, with its classically-inspired lines, the Teo´s is certainly appealing. The oval, multi-reflective headlights, sculpted carrier and curvaceous rear end make this 125 extremely stylish. Some of the aftermarket goodies available, such as the chromed side stand and chromed monoshock, could give the Teo´s even more retro flair.

Performance. The liquid-cooled four-stroke Teo´s coped well with the hustle and bustle of Rome, with its cobbled streets, bumpy roads and constant stop-starts, and it´s just as capable in city and town traffic here in the UK. The suspension is compliant, and the machine turns on a sixpence (ideal for getting around all those cars).

The Teos keeps its weight low, so it´s easier to manoeuvre. The well proven 11.5bhp, electric-start engine comes straight from the Yamaha Majesty 125, so acceleration off the line is brisk, and most cars and even some motorcycles will be left behind when the lights go green. There are no gears to worry about, it will cruise at a stable 60mph plus with ease, and tops out at 65mph. That means the Teos is also useful for those longer-distance journeys, with a range of around 150 miles from its 10-litre fuel tank. There´s a powerful disc brake up front, and a strong drum brake at the rear.

Comfort. The seat is extremely comfortable and there´s enough under-seat storage for a full-face helmet or a decent sized bag of shopping. Yamaha sells an aftermarket screen for extra weather protection, along with winter handlebar muffs, a winter apron and a 33-litre top box. The car-style instruments are easy to read: the speedo, clock, odometer, trip meter, oil and indicator lights, and voltmeter can all be seen at a glance. A bit of a Latin lovely, really.

Price. At £2,599 on the road, the Teo´s comes with Yamaha´s unique package of free Third Party, Fire & Theft insurance, free RAC cover, a ’blue-chip’ one year warranty, some of the best after-sales care in the business, and a subscription to Yamaha’s customer magazine, Spirit. That´s a real top value package – the sort of thing you would expect from one of the biggest names in motorcycles.

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Vital Statistics
Engine 4 stroke, liquid cooled single cylinder
cc 124cc
Claimed power (bhp)
Compression ratio 11:1
Transmission automatic
Cycle parts
Carb; Tekei 5DS
Chassis; Steel tubular frame
Front suspension; Telescopic forks
Rear suspension; Monoshock
Seat height; 777mm
Wheelbase; 1315mm
Dry weight; 113kgs
Colours; Pacific Blue, Future Silver
Top speed 65mph
Fuel capacity 10 litres
Buying Info 1 year warranty, RAC cover, free insurance scheme
Current price £2,599