Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th April 2017

Easter Monday, Mar 28

The Ace Cafe, Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London, NW10 7UD



A bank holiday that turned into a total blast

Well, talk about blowing everyone away! The excitement whipped up, and so did the wind – meaning we couldn’t even get our famous Carole Nash tent pitched in our usual place on the seafront. But the lively weather just added to what’s always a lively annual event for dedicated bikers like the Ace Cafe crowd and their followers.

With their legendary passion for the great traditions of motorcycles, cars and rock n’ roll they were never going to let a brisk breeze get in the way of their 17th annual ride out to Southend on Easter Monday.

What really rocked at The Ace Cafe Southend Shakedown 2016

Once the shakedown got into gear it was a non-stop celebration of music and machines, and it turned out to be a spectacular fun-filled day for whole families of bike fans. Stands, displays, entertainment and all the other attractions of the famous resort. Including the longest pier in the world, which was about as near the chilly water as anyone wanted to get! With so much going on, everyone just loved to be beside the seaside.

Charity was a winner at the Ace Cafe Southend Shakedown 2016

It was a great day in aid of some great causes. As usual with Ace Cafe events, lots of the stands and displays were helping to raise funds for charity, and big-hearted bikers were more than happy to chip in – especially as the charities being supported were dedicated to helping children.

No tent, but lots of attention for Carole Nash

Like we said, it was too windy to get our tent up – but even without a roof over our heads we were still able to chat to lots of bikers. So, big thanks going out to everyone who rocked up. See you again next year (fingers crossed for better weather).